Kate's Making Smoothies

by Minute Details

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Recorded at Azmyth Studios Indianapolis, IN 2015
Recorded mixed, mastered by Ryan M Gibbons
Photo by Brandon Guise
Artwork by Jerry Miller
All songs written and performed by Minute Details


released February 29, 2016

Patrick Collins - Keys, Guitar, Voice 2
Caleb Spicer - Bass, Voice 3
Matt Zitzer - Drums, Percussion, Synth, Voice 4
Yogi Winslow - Guitar, Voice 1



all rights reserved


Minute Details Indianapolis, Indiana

We're four guys making the music we want to. Come party with us!

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Track Name: From The Top
-From The Top-
Incoherent chatter, capsized
Hold none above yourself and I
Sailed water for depths of space
You look strong when you nail the landing
This is not the way we’d come
It’s a long way from the top
It’s a long way to the top (2x)
A strange man did appear at my door
I did not see his face
A great form did appear in my door
He didn’t speak but I heard every word
This is not the way we’d come
It’s a long way from the top
It’s a long way to the top (2x)
Tussled between spider legs
Held up and poised on display
How long can I suspend you?
Not as wrong as you’d pretended
Track Name: Novel Ideas
-Novel Ideas-
Quicker movements than I could perceive
Foreseen more prompt results
One that finds the protag
…at ends with his novel ideas
Streaming thoughts to fingers or voice commanded
Goodbye to physically turning a page
Replace the dials with a friendlier user face
And automate my feelings of intimate expression
All this without ribbons or tape
The conflict ensues former peaceable persons
Their rage escaping into swings
Escalating into heavier breathing
Brewing from several long-term leaks.
Quicker movements than light could receive
Forgone more soft reproach
Hence we find our protag at odds with his novel ideas
Track Name: City Jail Holding
-City Jail Holding-
Full trial at the noon hour
Benefiting children, dress shoes on lawsuits
County judge is a well-known hero
City Jail Holding your breath
Biggest smile towers of piled nerves
You’ve dressed it up to leave them in doubt
They who hold you in their nightmares
Pray for you on their drive alone
Character witnesses, huddled
Loosen your grip
Wracking my brain for a glimpse
Suit & Tie afternoon hour
Benefiting the victim’s family trust fund
Back to the state which I came
No City Jail Holding my wrist
Courtroom gasps, stuttered
The plot thickens
Once I’ve revealed the final twist
Track Name: Digital Shit
-Digital Shit-
Paragraphs hang. Emptying therapy.
Write in progress, Wounds have healed some.
Bigger attachments, a few developing stories.
Smiling actors. Truth has healed some.
The parasites feed, as we, ‘round a sugar bowl.
Enjoy a free sample. Time has revealed us.
Worthy distractions. Quality home made meals.
Compiling actions designed to improve.
To the woman who hangs: what has led you out?
To an unintelligent mumble relaxed, tight mouth
Analog in tone. Digital Shit.
Make an offer. Proof has exposed walls.
Upcoming attractions. Owning our history.
Rejoining in the center again destined to repeat.